November 18, 2021 General Meeting Follow Up

November 18, 2021 General Meeting Follow Up

Here’s a link to the recording of the entire Zoom session: https://youtu.be/xofddNNjGGE

Here’s a link to the 5th Saturday EOC-EOC exercise After Action Report produced by Grete: https://miro.cmivolunteers.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/EOC-EOC-5th-Saturday-exercise-10.30.21-After-action-report-21-T-1044_final-1.pdf

Here’s a link to the video that Bob showed of the traccar session with Woody and Bob: https://youtu.be/0X3HABtAo-M

Visit traccar.org to learn more about traccar. It’s both an app for your phone (Apple or Android) and web-based app to monitor tracked devices.

Here are the photos of the Redmond CERT exercise and here is the video.

Bob confessed to the group that he was wrong about how he recommended that we log our nets:

  1. Log all significant events. Check ins, check outs, messages passed and important stuff that happens over the radio.
  2. Formal messages passed, such as ICS-213 and WA-ICS-213-RR, should be referenced by a tracking/request number.
  3. You are the Radio Operator for box 4.
  4. You (or your scribe) are the preparer for box 6.
  5. One (or more) lines per event. Not One line per call sign. Don’t “double up”!
  6. While it’s fine to use paper and pencil while copying “over-the-air”, use an electronic version (Word, PDF, Excel, Winlink) for your final, submitted version.

Toni presented a video from Comm Academy 2021 on “When We’re on an Island: Reframing How We Plan for the Cascadia subduction Zone Earthquake”. The “original” video is here. Comm Academy is looking for help for 2022 either for presenters or behind-the-scene work. Contact them if interested.

If you’d like to present to the group or know of an interesting presentation (live or video), please let me know.

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