June 16, 2022 General Meeting Follow up

June 16, 2022 General Meeting Follow up

A short hybrid meeting, with 4 members in person and 7 members virtual.

Here’s a link to the meeting on YouTube, for those who missed it.

I decided not to show the Comm Academy 2022 presentation by Cindi Barker on Seattle’s Emergency Communications Hubs. You’re encouraged to watch it here.

I didn’t have much of a formal agenda, but we did have some good discussions.

Some take-aways:

  • Taking ham tests online is easy
  • We’re going to modify our Net Control scripts to break out the call for EchoLink stations and to give an extra long time, 20 seconds, for EchoLink participants to hit that PTT button
  • We’re going to continue with the MIRO Winlink Wednesday on the day before our Emergency Practice Net, but with a special emphasis on Winlink Check In, ICS-213 and WA-ICS213-RR and not as large an emphasis on new Winlink forms
  • Look for details in the upcoming July newsletter on “last chance” activities to earn chances to win a prize at our upcoming August meeting
  • The August meeting will be in-person at the Howse house. Spouses welcome. Please be healthy, vaccinated and boosted. Details in the newsletter.
  • Our Tool Exchange is a great opportunity to find just the tool you need without having to go out and buy it. Please consider adding the tools that you’ll willing to share.

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