MIRO Volunteer Chairman: Woody Howse, K7EDH, (206) 849-5370.

Telephone Numbers

EOC Radio Room (206) 275-7630
CCMV Radio Room (206) 275-7875

2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. John Mertel

    Hello! This is John Mertel WA7IR of SteppIR Communication Systems. I wanted to touch base with you, I live on Mercer Island and would like to join your group. How would I go about doing this? 73 JM

  2. Jeff Petersen

    Greetings Woody! I live across the street from John Livingstone’s old house and dropped off a Morse Code keyer at your house last summer. Also, you did a presentation to the Boy Scout troop I was in charge of recently – Troop 457.

    I recently got my technician’s license and am looking to break into the Ham communication world and possibly be of some use. Could you please let me know some of the when, where and how ‘s of MIRO?


    Jeff – KJ7CVJ

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