Deciding on what equipment to buy?

Congratulations! You’ve passed your exam and now have a valid license. All you need is a radio and you can get “on the air”!

Our best advice is before you buy any radio, talk to us first. We have radios that we’re happy to lend to new members.

Most new hams, especially if you only hold a Technician license class, will start out with a portable “dual-band”, “VHF/UHF”, “2m/70cm”, “144/440” transceiver. This is a great choice because it allows you to talk via one of the hundred or so repeaters around the Puget Sound. The cost of these portable radios varies from $25 to over $500, but again, please feel free to contact us before you buy — we probably have a portable radio to lend to our new members.

For more information, contact our training lead, Pat@pathackett.com