Understanding what Ham Radio is all about

Ham Radio, or more formally, the Amateur Radio Service means different things to different people.

Formally, the Amateur Radio Service is regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The FCC site says:

The amateur and amateur-satellite services are for qualified persons of any age who are interested in radio technique solely with a personal aim and without pecuniary interest. These services present an opportunity for self-training, intercommunication, and technical investigations.


The American Radio Relay League, or ARRL, is a member-supported organization to support and promote Amateur Radio. It is not the only organization and it does not speak for all Amateur Radio operators. The ARRL provides a wealth of resources on all aspects of Amateur Radio. The ARRL site says:

The FCC created this service to fill the need for a pool of experts who could provide backup during emergencies. In addition, the FCC acknowledged the ability of the hobby to advance the communication and technical skills of radio and to enhance international goodwill. Countless lives have been saved where skilled hobbyists act as emergency communicators to render aid, whether it’s during an earthquake in Italy or a hurricane in the U.S.


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